The Rules of Lytspel

The following formatting conventions are used in this document:

Abbreviations used:

The syllable that carries the primary stress in a word is preceded by an apostrophe, e.g. «dis’cuss, in’telijent, co’miti, cri’ait» ‹discuss, intelligent, committee, create›. No stress marker is used if a word has just one syllable or if the first syllable carries the primary stress, e.g. «big, week, camel, garden».

The short vowels are written as follows:

The long vowels and diphthongs are written as follows:

The consonants are written as follows:

The schwa /@/:

Before «r», the vowels are spelled as follows:

Some vowels are spelled differently at the end of words or before other vowels:

Spellings involving several sounds:

Some sound combinations are written in a special way if they occur at the end of words:

Disambiguating multigraphs (sequences of multiple characters representing a single sound or an r-colored vowel):

Rules for derived and related words:

Irregular words:

Uses of the apostrophe:

Inner capitalization instead of a stress marker: