Contact is a noncommercial website run by Christian Siefkes.

You can reach me by email at I prefer encrypted mail – please download my public key from my website or from a key server. Its ID is 0x7155F0B5980FA6ED and its fingerprint is 2179 96B8 CB3E 1710 EFAA 23FD 7155 F0B5 980F A6ED.

Bugs and Improvements

The full source code of the Lytspel converter and this website can be found on GitHub. This includes all needed data files, such as a comprehensive dictionary (CSV file) with more than 100,000 entries.

You have an idea for how the converter could be improved? You have noticed words that are missing from the Lytspel dictionary and could be added? You have spotted words in the Lytspel dictionary whose reformed spelling is clearly based on a mispronunciation? Something else doesn’t work or could be improved?

In all these and similar cases, please open an issue on GitHub. Note that issues there are public, hence anyone can read them. If you find that too complicated or cumbersome or if you prefer to keep things private, send me a (preferably encrypted) email instead.