Lytspel in Brief

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The syllable that carries the primary stress is preceded by an apostrophe («dis’cuss, in’telijent, co’miti» ‹discuss, intelligent, committee›), unless it’s the first or only one.


The schwa is usually written as «e» («camel, comen» ‹camel, common›) or «u» («album, nurvuss» ‹…nervous›), but as «a» at the end of words («extra»).

The other vowels are written as expected («cat, pen, big, dog, club»).

¹ Second spelling used at the end of words and before other vowels.

² Second spelling used for unstressed vowels at the end of words and before other vowels.

³ Second spelling used before other vowels and at the end of words after a vowel.


/k/ is written

/s/ is written

/z/ is written

The other consonants are written as expected («bed, much, fat, hot, leg, now, pop, run, ship, ever, west, yet»).

R-colored Consonants

Other vowels keep their usual spelling («mirer, poor, piur, nuerel, our» ‹mirror, poor, pure, neural, our/hour›).

Sound Combinations


Foarscoar and seven yeers a’go our faadhers braut foarth, on dhiss continent, a nue naition, con’seevd in liberti and dedicaited tu dhe propo’sition dhat all men ar cri’aited eequel. Now wi ar en’gaijd in a grait sivel wor, testing wedher dhat naition, or eni naition so con’seevd, and so dedicaited, can long en’duer.